Pre Purchase Inspection Reports

Enjoy peace of mind.
Know your new home.
Inside and out.

Buy with confidence knowing your property is
Safe, Structurally Sound and Free from Termites.

Every Structural Report includes:

  1. Inspection of approximately 90 items
  2. Moisture Meter Testing
  3. Preliminary Plumbing and Electrical Check at no extra cost
  4. Detailed report with photos

Timber and Pest InspectionsInspection of entire property includes:

  1. Trees and fences
  2. Wood rot
  3. Borers, Rodents
  4. Termites

Non-Structural and Maintenance Inspection:

  1. Detached structures i.e. detached carports, paving, pergolas
  2. Non structural fences and retaining walls
  3. Fittings and fixtures
  4. Pool structure, studio and granny flat inspections

Choose one or package them together!

Because no two properties are the same

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and receive your free reportTop 5 Things No Pest Inspector In
Perth Wants You To Know

Comprehensive Inspections you can trust

What You Get:

  1. A qualified, experienced and independent building inspector
  2. Thorough building inspection
  3. Detailed structural report with labelled photos
  4. Recommendations on how to correct problems
  5. Which trades are required to do the work
  6. Post inspection service.

Our Service Promise:

  • Free Advice on Renovations, Extensions, Wall Removal
  • Free Repair and Maintenance Advice
  • Unbiased, Independent Report
  • No Kickbacks or Referral Fees to Agents
  • Post Inspection Care.

Our Gift To You - making Your House A Home!

Every BCI Client receives TWO exclusive discount vouchers to our favourite stores that will help you make your new house a home.

  • PLUS a $200 BCI voucher that can protect your home from future damage

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Every quote request receives a free report:
5 Things no Pest Inspector in perth wants you to know

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What our clients say...

  • “Buying a first home means everything is new and intimidating, from the first phone call, Builfding Consultancy and Inspections made everything simple and easy. We hardly had to do a thing, and we will be using them in the future when the time comes.”

    Julz Carter

  • “We have used your service before and will again in the future. The team are always very professional, response with the latest building report was within 24 hours! Thank you very much.”

    Tony Joubert

  • “Buying a house in Perth when I live in the Pilbara can have complications. Ashley made the Building inspection process simple and easy. The report was thoroughly explained, all questions were answered in a way I could understand. Very friendly and helpful.

    Fleur Hughes

  • “Service was executed when promised, report was produced shortly after n time. Very happy.”

    Robert Cherriman

  • “A fantastic quality service with friendly staff that act FAST to meet expectations. Thank you”

    Jason Martino

    February, 2015
  • “This company is thorough and happy to take the time to explain.”

    Kylie Rolfe

  • “Very impressed with level of detail in report and friendliness of inspectors. Handy to have timber inspection at same time as building. Would definitely use your services again if needed and have recommended to friends and family.