Strata Inspections

What are they?

Independent, unbiased reports by qualified building inspectors on all structural and non-structural items on the common areas of a strata complex.

The inspection for common areas includes;
  1. Driveways
  2. Paving, tiling, render, brickwork
  3. Car parks
  4. Pool areas 
  5. External brickwork 
  6. Rooftops, gutters, downpipes, valleys, flashings, flues and loose ridges.
  7. Verandas
  8. Retaining walls
  9. Fences
  10. Detached structures such as bin rooms, reception areas
  11. Non-structural items such as paint work and letter boxes.

The Report Includes

  1. A comprehensive list of building defects, structural and non-structural.
  2. Any areas of immediate risk.
  3. Recommendations and or timeline for when repair and maintenance can be expected to take place over five to ten year period.
  4. Estimate costs for repair and maintenance work.

Why Pay for an Independent Inspection?

To make informed decisions based on factual information on the condition of the property. An independent and unbiased report draws a clear line in the sand for the property managers and council of owners to discuss with each other and tenants or trades people. Often, when comparing quotes the difference in prices and items quoted on can differ greatly. Our report allows you to compare apples with apples.

If you would like to forecast and budget for the next five to ten year period, ask us to graph the items that require repair and maintenance and an approximate timeframe for this to be done.

Why pay for an inspection? For clarity and a good night’s sleep!