Strata Inspections

What is a Strata Ten Year Reserve Fund Report?


Strata Inspections and Ten Year Reserve Fund Reports have become mandatory for all schemes with ten or more lots. The requirement states that anyone can do the Reserve Fund however like all reports, inspectors with a minimum qualification of a registered builder will view your property through experienced eyes and offer repair and maintenance advice that is prioritised and practical.


The legislation came into effect on May 1, 2020 and Council of Owners have until their first AGM following May 1, 2021 to have one completed.


Our team have spent extensive time and energy in developing a detailed Ten Year Reserve Fund Report including Maintenance and Repair items with specific reference to the current building condition, recommendations and advice on replacement and rectification work.


Last year we were so delighted to be awarded Finalist for the Strata Supplier of the Year 2019. We were recognised for our research into the strata industry and passion for providing a relevant and practical report in collaboration with stakeholders and follow up support post inspection.


Our service offering has been tiered to offer the right report and inspection for your property and budget. Please call us for a quote for your property and to discuss your concerns so we can email you our packages and tailor a report to suit you.


BCI WA do not carry out any repair or contract work so the report and advice provided is independent and unbiased.


BCI WA inspectors are registered builders or engineers and come with over 30 years-experience each. Our point of difference is that we offer you practical and cost-effective repair and maintenance advice and are available at any time for ongoing support. All credentials and contact information of the inspector will be provided in the report.


What do we include in our Ten Year Reserve Fund Report?


Every Ten Year Reserve Fund Report is designed to meet the requirements of the Strata Titles Act and Regulations Amendment effective as of May 1, 2020. In particular, Section 76 (100 (2A) and Reg 77.


The following items will be inspected in your Ten Year Reserve Fund Report:


  1. Driveways, car parks (street level), garages,
  2. Roof structure and fire walls where requested,
  3. Communal entertaining areas,
  4. Foundations of building,
  5. Paintwork and aesthetic features of building,
  6. Paving, tiling, and rendered surfaces,
  7. External brickwork,
  8. Rooftops, gutters, down pipes, valleys, flashings, flues and ridges,
  9. Verandas and patios of common areas and external boundary,
  10. Retaining walls, fences, both perimeter and internal,
  11. Pools, spas, saunas, gyms, community halls,
  12. Floors, internal and external,
  13. Ceilings,
  14. Windows, eaves, window sills,
  15. Lighting,
  16. Storage and plant rooms, post boxes and garbage disposal,
  17. Balconies, railings and balustrades,
  18. Lifts, ventilation, air conditioning, utility services, solar, security systems and water pumps will be checked where possible for working order and the make, model and date of installation with service / maintenance advice,
  19. Detached structures, such as bin rooms and reception areas,
  20. Non-structural items,
  21. Landscaping, reticulation and external paving.


In the event you accept our proposal we contact a nominated person to discuss the property history and current concerns prior to commencing the inspection.


What you can expect to know from your Ten Year Reserve Fund Report?


  1. A comprehensive list of building defects, structural and non-structural
  2. Any areas of immediate risk
  3. Recommendations and or timeline for when repair and maintenance can be expected to take place over five to ten year period
  4. Estimate costs for repair and maintenance work
  5. A budget for COO to adapt and approve
  6. An asset registry
  7. A photographic report relating to every element inspected
  8. Recommended trades list of strata suppliers


Why Pay for an Independent Ten Year Reserve Fund Inspection?


To make informed decisions based on factual information on the condition of the property. An independent and unbiased report draws a clear line in the sand for the property managers and council of owners to discuss with each other and tenants or trades people. Often, when comparing quotes the difference in prices and items quoted on can differ greatly. Our report allows you to compare apples with apples.

If you would like to forecast and budget for the next five to ten year period, ask us to graph the items that require repair and maintenance and an approximate time frame for this to be done.


Our team of experienced inspectors and administration team will provide you with pre and post inspection care. We take pride in our service and in explaining any defects in person if required.


For advice on your strata property or on who can assist you with maintaining or managing it, call Jo Colman on 0420 699 848.




Why pay for an inspection? Because we speak for the building. You enjoy peace of mind and a good night’s sleep!